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No wonder: the little country in the heart of Europe offers gret diversity — of cultures, languages, landscapes and cuisine. A fondue in the mountain hut at metres, thrills on the world’s steepest cog railway, a walk among Giacometti’s bronze sculptures or a snowshoe tour across the biggest glacier in the Alps — it’s impossible not to fall in love with Switzerland! The Confederation awaits you with an unbelievably varied offering on the most compact of surface areas. And the best thing is: Thanks to efficient public transport, enjoying the beauties of Switzerland is child’s play. Yesterday, a glass of epesses in Lavaux, a leap into the crystal-clear water of the Verzasca today, a few scraps of Romansch learnt in the footsteps of Schellenursli tomorrow, and the day after that, amazement at Basel’s world-class architecture — no matter what you’ve got in mind: Switzerland can be explored again and again! So how about an exciting weekend break?

Important Obligations for Expatriates Taxed at Source in Switzerland

De Fr It En. Information Consultation Politics Offers. In addition, they need to prove that they have worked for at least six months in Switzerland during that time.

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For all Alerts and Messages from the U. Upon arrival, travelers will proceed to standard customs processing. They will then continue to an enhanced entry screening where the passenger will be asked about their medical history, current condition, and asked for contact information for local health authorities. Additionally, some passengers will have their temperature taken.

After the enhanced entry screening is complete, passengers will be given written guidance about COVID and be allowed to proceed to their final destination. Once home, individuals must immediately self-quarantine in their home and monitor their health in accordance with CDC best practices. In order to ensure compliance, local and State public health officials will contact individuals in the days and weeks following their arrival.

The European Commission launched a website along with an app on Monday to help tourists as borders reopen across the territory. The App contains only EU member states. There is the possibility to enter Switzerland for important business appointments which cannot be postponed and have to be in person. At the moment a special entry permit is needed to enter Switzerland for business travel.


Switzerland is a beautiful country with a large expat community, having the high living standards and a population following sophistication and multilingualism. Finding the nice place to live, visas and work permits, cultural differences, feeling of isolation etc. So, if you have just shifted, then possibly you are also facing the issues as mentioned earlier.

If we converse about dating, then it is a difficult feat. If you are a non-Swiss and want to date someone, then there are numerous ways to date. You can easily take advantage of with these free dating sites in Switzerland.

Tips for expats moving to Switzerland, from registration to customs formalities. Paperwork and official administration made easy for new arrivals in Switzerland.

Switzerland is not lacking in options for socialising and turning your leisure time into quality time. But since socialising per definition requires more than one person, there is a snag if you want to meet the locals in Switzerland. It’s one of the reasons for Switzerland’s drop in this expat ranking to 44th place. The Swiss tend to stick to their circle of friends from school days and they are very respectful of others’ privacy.

It may be small consolation, but even a Swiss moving to another town may wait a long time for an invitation for an after-work drink, let alone to someone’s home for dinner. Don’t be put off by a stoic demeanour, ask a colleague to join you for lunch, a beer or coffee. Chances are they will say yes, because Swiss are generally friendlier than they may first appear.

From sports, music to games: with more than 80, clubs, there is no shortage of options to get to know people with whom you share a love of chess, football or singing. Or cricket.

Switzerland – Income Tax

At the age of five, my family moved from Switzerland to the small town of Kemptville, Ontario. So I grew up in a Swiss household in Canada. As part of my formative education in Canada, I learned about staring and how rude it is. In fact, I remember how well through elementary school, teachers would scold me for staring at others.

Thus, it was interesting to come across an article in the Tages-Anzeiger about this very topic. It is worth a read and the author, David Hesse, comes to a conclusion that might put many who have moved to Switzerland at ease….

Tinder is not a dating app. How you do that if the blogs are fill with expats women complaining that the men do not approach them on bars.

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There is nothing better than internationals, expatriates and locals interacting and socialising together. It allows for interesting conversations and very exotic experiences. There are so many singles groups on here! Most of them seem to want to arrange speed dating and lock and key events which take away from ones natural confidence and creativity.

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For most cantons, a tax return must be filed every year normally within 3 months after the end of the tax period. These returns cover the federal, cantonal, communal, wealth, and church taxes. In Switzerland, the tax year corresponds to the calendar year, thus the tax year-end is 31 December. Residents in Switzerland are subject to unlimited tax liability that is, they are subject to tax on their worldwide income. Residents have to file their tax returns by either the 15 or 31 March of every calendar year depending upon their canton of residence.

Extensions for filing are often granted up to the end of June, September, or in some cases, November, following the end of the tax year; these extensions are based on the canton of residence. The return is submitted to the cantonal tax authority as they administer the tax assessment for both cantonal and federal tax. If the taxpayer fails to file their tax return on time, they may be subject to default taxation.

In such a case, the tax authorities will assess the taxpayer on the basis of a reasonable estimate. This tax basis would usually be substantially higher than the actual tax basis and is likely to be more expensive for the taxpayer. No appeal is available if action is not taken within 20 or 30 days depending on the canton of the issue of this final assessment. This tax includes all ordinary taxes Swiss federal, cantonal and communal taxes, and church taxes.

The employer generally levies the wage withholding tax on a monthly basis.

Expat Advice: Relationships in Geneva, Switzerland

The Association organises numerous cultural, recreational, and social events in each of its regions for the benefit of its members. We are aware that some members have difficulty travelling long distances to attend a national event at a central location. Hence, we decided that it would be good for us to travel out into the heart of our different regions to enable more members to meet others from outside their region.

Best Friends, Dream Lovers or Both? You Decide!

Jamal Reddani of Fiduciaire Reddani SA discusses the requirement to declare your worldwide assets in Switzerland, deadlines for self-assessment, and how the tax-at-source system works for expatriates. When expatriates arrive to live in Switzerland because of a new job, they usually receive a B or L residency permit, at least in the case of EU citizens.

Under Swiss tax law, B and L permit holders are normally taxed at source. The obligation to withhold tax at source belongs to the employer who, for privacy reasons, cannot know about any of your assets or other sources of income. Thus, the employer bases their tax calculations on your wages from working for them, makes provisions for child allowances if any , and adjusts the amount according to different tables, depending on your situation: married, number of children, etcetera.

Your employer ignores you other potential sources of income. The Swiss tax system is based on the fundamental principle of a worldwide tax basis. This means that tax is paid according to one global economic capacity, regardless of both the source of the income and the localisation of the wealth. All the elements of your worldwide wealth and income are taken into account under Swiss law to determine the applicable tax rate. Unfortunately, expatriates living in Switzerland usually overlook a crucial obligation that hides in a discreet Swiss tax article: the obligation to declare the other taxable elements of wealth and income beyond your Swiss salary.

After all, who would spontaneously, after landing in another country with a different language, look for a sentence lost in an abstruse tax code? Unless you have no taxable assets, your sole income is the Swiss salary already taxed at source, and your income does not exceed a certain level set by each canton, you must follow the obligation to declare your worldwide assets and ensure that you are in compliance with the law. Some cantons may send you a form to determine whether you have to file a normal tax return or a simplified one, but some do not.

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Do you consider yourself an expat? The daring worker who visits foreign land from time to time requested by your company, the real social chameleon who blends in seamlessly with the locals? If the answer is yes, than you might find love a bit of an issue, as constantly moving from place to place — bridging two continents even — makes dating really difficult. Dating foreign ladies and gents while spending your time as an expat can be quite rewarding, as meeting culturally different people is the spice of life.

Unlike specified expat communities like Expatica. On a dating site, everyone knows the purpose is about more than just friendship, whereas expat communities are mostly about networking and making friends.

The 5 Best Dating Sites in Switzerland (What I Learned). ankita_makwana. Swiss​-Indian Model Ankita Makwana (Source: Wikimedia Commons). Here is the quick​.

Depending on your country of origin and cultural experience so far, different people will find different levels of difficulty to adjust to the local culture in Zurich. Since Switzerland is located in the centre of Europe, its culture, of course, resembles a lot with general western cultures, especially those of western European countries. However, as Switzerland has four official languages, the local culture in different parts of Switzerland varies a lot. One cannot generalise and really speak of one local culture of Switzerland.

However, in this article, you will find some tips and must-knows to ease your life in Zurich or the German-speaking part of Switzerland. In fact, standard German used in Germany applies to everyday work life and official documents in Zurich. Many Swiss people who live in Zurich may not come originally from Zurich but from other neighbouring cantons. However, this happens often in Switzerland, as Swiss citizens speak four different official languages and many variations of Swiss German.

As a result, most people you will encounter in Zurich will either be able to speak English or High German with a ‘Swiss accent’, if you ask the Germans. Despite this, to integrate and understand the local people and culture better, many expats try to take standard German courses, or sometimes even Swiss German courses, in order to make their life easier.

Woman from Switzerland speaks on the color “Black”

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